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Coast Reporter Radio Ep. We get a primer on what drives the price of gas on the Sunshine Coast. Sean and John sit down with BC Ferries president and.

The tendency towards too much acceptance—of the self and of others—is usually present. Short description:He has lots of vitality. He likes public life, he is popular and his company is appreciated.

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He is balanced, at ease with himself and usually gets on very well with his parents. He is nonchalant, pretentious, full of self-importance. He likes what is beautiful and sometimes ostentatious, and spends lots of money for the sake of appearances. He is serious, sober, thoughtful, pays attention to detail. He likes to be with older people. Although your intentions are generally good, you are given to overdoing things.

You can easily gloss over realistic details and get yourself into debt, overindulge in pleasures such as food and drink, and promise more than you can deliver. For the most part, you find help for your excesses. Elisa used to cry a lot about HarryandLouis. She tells herself she's over that now. We could discuss plenty of issues with the way Kylie has handled fame cultural appropriation and design theft , to name the major ones , but the youngest Kardashian is a lioness in many respects: she has a certain magnetism.

Instead of blindly following the gold-paved path of her older sisters, she became a powerful businesswoman, entrepreneur and media mogul in her own right. Hell, she had her shit figured out five years ago, making demands in a room full of Disney Channel executives. Oh yeah, did I mention that she covered Vogue back in June? Or that she already landed a starring role in a major superhero franchise? This is the track record of a Virgo woman in her element. Virgos are renowned for their analytical, detail-oriented thinking.

They can be skeptical, self-critical perfectionists — or, when their self-image is nurtured properly, ambitious hard-workers who take great pride in their work. Zendaya is clearly the latter. She thinks about everything, from her impeccable style on the red carpet to how her image will affect young girls.

Harry Styles: How Much of an Aquarius Man is He?

She is calculating and careful in the best possible way. She knows where she came from. Her thoughtful, outgoing and expressive nature illustrates the Libran scales perfectly; she strives for harmony and flexibility in her life, often going above and beyond to show her fans that she cares. Libra is known as the people-pleaser, capable of inhabiting many sides of a personality. They are authentic, but pliable. The scales are driven by a sense of understanding and fairness; Librans hate seeing bias and hate to be perceived as biased. They are accomplished at considering multiple different perspectives and stubbornly lean toward the option that fosters equality.

The typical Libra is motivated primarily by love. The sign is ruled by Venus, and Librans tend to be big believers in soulmates. As a moveable sign, however, they are both creative and fickle. As an artist, a lover and a classic Libra, Halsey is intense, spirited, heartfelt and completely consumed. Trust a Scorpio to walk around with the zodiac sign in bedazzled letters on the back of her jacket. Or to consistently refer to herself as a witch.

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Scorpios are intensely private, guarded and secretive individuals. The typical Scorpio is highly developed, both intellectually and spiritually, with a keen sense of the world around them.

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The Hairpin famously purchased her birth certificate to put the rumors to rest. Both seem plausible.

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Lorde is the Scorpio sign incarnate: her composed, aloof exterior does not betray the fiery sensitivity of the scorpion. She chooses to reveal that sensitivity through songwriting instead. The trademark of the archer is that they leave a mark — however small — on any person, place or industry that they touch. And she knows it.

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Sagittarians are charismatic, seductive people. That she is wearing a bathrobe is utterly inconsequential. A queen is a queen regardless. The Sagittarian nature is actualized in Nicki Minaj: the endless ambition; the seeming indestructibility; the energetic, shiny, bubblegum-pink aura; the charming cockiness. She sees each obstacle as a challenge and faces them all with a smirk.

A notorious show-off. An independent, talented woman who stands alone at the top, but never gets lonely. People are always clamoring to join her. Michelle Obama was always a down-to-earth, practical, capable woman — traits to be expected from an earth sign — but as First Lady, she was elevated.

She spent eight years in a job she never wanted nor asked for , quietly emanating a sense of confidence and poise in a way that only Capricorns can.

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Barack Obama has said that his wife never sought a career in politics or a life in the spotlight. True to form, Capricorns typically prefer to exist behind the scenes, working methodically and reliably. However, this sign also has remarkable potential for leadership. No figure exemplifies this paradox more clearly than Michelle Obama, from her ease in front of a crowd and penchant for inspirational words to her warm character and generous spirit.

They love to prove people wrong. In like, a cool way. Since going solo, Harry has proved himself capable of reinvention. With his self-titled debut, he pushed his own boundaries and fearlessly evolved as an artist under the judgmental gaze of every music snob who branded him as nothing but a pretty pop star. Aquarians are famously open-minded, curious and adaptable people. As an Aquarius, he naturally stands out.

But his personal style only becomes more unique, more fluid and more interesting by the day. The last sign of the zodiac is often stereotyped as the daydreaming weirdo — head in the clouds, totally out of touch. But there is an airy, untroubled, zero-fucks-given kind of thing about Rihanna that is unmistakably Pisces.

She has an impenetrably strong sense of self and no concern as to whether it matches the public opinion. Or, take her perception on fashion : as Claire Beerman writes, her style is all about fearlessness. She wears what she wants, does what she wants, whenever she wants.