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Exaggerated strength occurs when there is a Bright Moon or a planet is exalted or retrograde. Exaggerated weakness happens when there is a Dark Moon or a planet participates in a planetary war, is debilitated, or combust. Planetary war occurs when any two of Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, or Saturn are within one degree of each other. Combustion occurs when a planet is within 6 degrees from the Sun. The common story of exaltation, for example, is that you go to visit a friend, and they treat you like a king, the profoundly celebrated guest.

But we are human, and too much of a good thing can go to our heads, and make us over-confident, and lead us to overestimate our value and capabilities. Conversely, exaggeration of the negative type can mean over-reacting, hypersensitivity, lack of confidence, insecurity, and not trusting ones abilities. Two considerations in evaluating the effects of exaggeration 1. Any person or theme that it signifies may be both augmented and overblown. A benefic with exaggerated weakness, on the other hand, can signify a person or theme that is impaired, and its aspect provides only minor support.

This article deals with combustion. When a planet is in the same line of the ecliptic of the Sun.. The result is that the sun will burn anything that comes to close. Well in these days of intense solar flares, the energy extends further.

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Mercury is the the planet that travels most closely with the Sun and the highest chance of becoming combust. When a planet is within 5 degrees of the SUN. The integrity of the planet is compromised. Your communication talents and skills will need help in this lifetime. Your timing is often completely off or inappropriately missing.

Communication skills need help. You may also be prone to accidents and possible clumsy movement.

This will define your karma and dharma in this lifetime. Your love karma will challenge you.

Sun Conjunct Mercury ~ Combust

You may find your passion and excitement for love may drive others away if the combination is fire for example. Venus combust in air could leave you lacking any real sex drive physically and leave your brain and a good conversation as your main turn on. This is a rather dangerous combination.

Combust Planets In Astrology

Mars is a malefic like the Sun. Mars is our aggression. This combination can result in an extreme imbalance in energy output. By understanding your own chart.

Combust Venus In 11th House

Finding humility. Being devoted to your soul evolution. Compare having this information to when you purchase a house and you have a house inspection and despite the weaknesses that you know about , you agree to go ahead with the purchase to work to repair and rebuild the weak areas.

Your discipline may be seriously challenged! This is where the practise of yoga comes in. Yoga is the sister science of Jyotisha and offered or left to us to help us understand how we can operate , manage and succeed in this world. If you commit to your practice; just commit. This means you do not have to consider if you are going to go to your yoga class or not.

You simply commit and go.

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NO thinking about it. You will always be happy you did!! Those with Saturn combust will need this lesson. This is an interesting combination. Jupiter is the planet of expansion and luck. Jupiter combust can take that away or at best make it erratic. When the Sun and Moon are close you are in a new moon. It is challenging to have your Moon or your Mind with your Sun. This is called a dark moon and can result in a soul being very challenged to find themselves.

Please do not think this way. We are all here on a different section of the cosmic ferris wheel.