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Coast Reporter Radio Ep. We get a primer on what drives the price of gas on the Sunshine Coast. Sean and John sit down with BC Ferries president and.

Your Descendant is Aquarius, Your Ascendant is in Leo This is an amazing combination, because you are a traveling mix of pride and tolerance. On the one hand, your Ascendant ruled, by the Sun, pushes you to assert yourself and proclaim loudly what you want in life. At the same time, the Descendant is here under the aegis of Uranus, an unpredictable planet if any. It will open your horizons and make it so that you are not alone on your throne. But it could also bring its wind of unpredictability, even eccentricity and revolt because of the other!

If you do not know your astrological descendant, use our application " Calculate your descendant " by entering your date of birth. With regard to making contact, no doubt, you excel. First of all, you do not stop at any prejudice. Those who would have been snobby to you the Leo Ascendant! You know how to show empathy and curiosity, you easily propose many activities.

It is true that all the difficulty will stem from proposing a different treatment to a particular person. At the beginning of relationships, you often take the first step and you opt for a very smart strategy: you invite the person you are interested in, out with a group of friends. This will already allow you to see how the interactions occur, because for you, overall harmony is very important. However, your seeming ease and your playfulness also show their limits: you do not respond to passionate demands, an osmosis that could be important in a relationship.

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At a certain moment, you can even show a specific indifference that is not necessarily so, but that is due to the fact that you intellectualize a lot the relationship. Above all, you need complicity sharing experiences and a sense of humor. In other words, the pleasures of the senses are not your priority and this reservation can be confusing for potential partners. Love or friendship? At home, the two notions are close to each other. You need to enjoy each other and laugh together. Certainly, you have pride, with the Sun governing the Ascendant: thus, this famous partner who pleased you because they stood out from the crowd, would not dare to commit high-treason and make fun of you.

Apart from this detail, you are a pleasant lover who relies a lot on fantasy and speech. Gigi Hadid.

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Born: April 23 Taurus is ruled by Venus, the planet of beauty and luxury, so it's no surprise Gigi has risen quickly to super-model status. Prince Louis Arthur Charles.

Born: April 23 Okay, so we obviously know nothing about the royal baby yet—he's four days old! Joe Keery. Kelly Clarkson.

Aquarius celebrity hunks

Born: April 24 Kelly is a passionate and loyal Taurus. Austin Nichols.

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  • Channing Tatum. Born: April 26 Notoriously charming Tauruses are a blast to be around. Carol Burnett. Born: April 26 Carol Burnett is the epitome of determination. Jessica Alba. Born: April 28 This earthy mom is so in touch with her astrological sign she basically changed careers, creating The Honest Company to help save the planet and keep your baby clean. Penelope Cruz.

    Born: April 28 The Spanish actress is all about supporting her friends and it only makes you want to be her friend too. Katherine Langford. Uma Thurman. Born: April 29 Uma may be the most badass Taurus on this list. Gal Gadot. Jamie Dornan. Born: May 1 Though we all may feel like we personally know the Fifty Shades star, he's actually a very private bull. The Rock. Princess Charlotte. Born: May 2 Charlotte is already a charming Taurus. David Beckham. Born: May 2 Known for their loyalty, a Taurus makes a great partner. Christina Hendricks. Born: May 3 The Mad Men star has always kept fans wanting more by going full Taurus with her privacy.

    12 Celebrities Who Look EXACTLY Like Their Star Signs

    Born: May 5 Adele's music proves her insane loyalty to lovers, and also her determination to keep going. George Clooney. Born: May 6 George is the ultimate combo of two amazing Taurus qualities: a love of luxury while also being extremely down-to-earth. Aidy Bryant. Olivia Culpo.

    Born: May 8 The former Miss Universe has been wowing us with her style and charm for years now. Stephen Amell. Advertisement - Continue Reading Below.

    Behavior of the Descendant Aquarius

    More From Horoscopes. Your Horoscope for Pisces Weekly Horoscope. Aquarius Weekly Horoscope. Capricorn Weekly Horoscope. Cancers are known for being loyal and keeping their loved ones close. And the world famous singer has long made her fan appreciation and close-knit family values known.

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    • And the youngest Jenner has certainly paved her own way: her makeup career path embodies her creativity; her lip-kit empire displays her influence; and her excessive selfies show her narcissism. Virgos are notorious perfectionists, just like Queen Bey. Virgos are also the most reserved of the zodiac, which sounds about right.

      She is always making sure her family is on good terms, even throughout her path to major celebrity. Libras are also known to be sensitive, trusting, and harmonious. No wonder Caitlyn Jenner confided in Kim the most during her transition. Scorpios are known to be impulsive, but they always follow through. And the fact that she convinced her parents to move to Hollywood to pursue an acting career at just 15 years-old — in a Powerpoint presentation, no less — proves as much. And now? She's an Academy Award winning actress.

      Not too shabby. Sagittarius is known to be a passionate, free spirited sign that loves to change things up — which is pretty much everything Miley is known for.

      Aquarius Daily Horoscope

      The Sagittarius in Miley is likely what makes her so passionate about her music — and so hardworking to stay at the top. The most responsible and traditional of the zodiac signs is fit for a duchess. The sign is also ruled by Saturn, the planet of authority — so marrying a Prince definitely fulfills her astrological duties.